Friday, April 18, 2008

I think stories need chapters

This rspec's stories stuff is quite nice, I like it. But when I'm trying to write more or less complex story it turns out to a nightmare. It's quite hard to stay on the DRY way with the stories, you always need to repeat the stuffs again and again. Even if you organize your code in good and handy steps, you'll have to repeat them in the scenarios anyway.

So, I think it would be cool to have in the stories another level aka Chapter. Think even nested chapters. I could look like that.

Story "an item live-story" do
Chapter "items index" do
Given "two items"

Scenario "anonymous gets the index" do
Given "an anonymous user"
When "he GET /items"
Then "he should be redirected to the login_path"

Scenario "registered user gets the index" do
Given "a logged in user"
When "he GET /items"
Then "he should see the 'items/index' page"
And "both items should be on the page"

Then "something in common happens"

The idea is that the chapters were working like scopes for the inside subchapters and scenarios. You may specify there common givens and thens which will be applied to the internal parts. May be it could be useful to be able to attach additional steps for particular chapters.

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