Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm looking for a job

I'm a seasoned web-developer with almost 9 years of professional experience, looking for a position of Ruby developer/software designer.

I'm an early Rails adopter, started to work with it at the very first versions more than three years ago. Since then worked with Rails on a wide range of applications, blogging, social networks, e-commerce, real estate. I also have experience working with Merb and Sinatra, have several rails plugins and a non-rails application of my own. Before Rails I worked with Python, Groovy, did some Java and quite a lot of PHP (object oriented, no crap)

My specialty is multi-lingual, hi-load and ajax applications. I also pretty good in models, databases and workflow design. And certainly I can do some serious JavaScript work.

I will prefer a permanent position and ready to relocate (have experience working overseas), but also can work as an independent contractor/consultant, including telecommuting (have freelance experience).

If you're interested, please check out my CV, it has my contacts in it.