Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The RightJS DOM-Wrappers Speed

Okay folks, there is your next brainwashing session to keep you hooked to the right stuff.

When I announced that RightJS is switching to dom-wrappers, some of you seems started to panic. "Oh, no!", you said, "RightJS is going down, because native extensions murk dom-wrappers any day at any time!"

Well people, you just haven't seen the right wrappers yet 8). Here is the shot of the new engine in its raw, not fully optimized state.

FF 3.6.6

And so you didn't think that it's just FF, here is a shot in Opera.

Opera 10.54

Don't have a short for IE though, because didn't quite make it there yet, but you can imagine that it will go sky rocket, because there will be no elements extending anymore.

Some of you, young and sharp, might notice that, the ID access went down for a notch. That's all because of you guys, that's because in RightJS 2, you'll have the same $ method behavior as you have in your beloved jQuery, meaning you'll navigate it like that.
$('#boo-hoo'); // -> an element by id
$('div.boo, div.hoo'); // -> elements by the css-rule

There also will be things like $(window) and $(document), so you'll feel yourself like home.

That's about it. Hold on to the next session!

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