Monday, May 11, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

There's a pet project of mine called "RightJS". Yup as you can see it from the name it's yet another javascript framework. Well kinda. At the moment it provides most of the useful features of Prototype, salted with some features from dojo and spiced with features from jQuery and MooTools. It weights just 28k and wether you know passes the taskspeed test just like that.

There's the test source .

Okay, okay. Don't hold your breath. It's just in WebKit. In FF it's faster than Prototype at about 20% and still slightly faster than jQuery. In Opera it about same speed as jQuery and a little bit slower than Prototype. In IE... Well... Who uses that obsolete browser anyway?

PS: I would not believe tests result for jQuery on the benchmark, case when Prototype and RightJS were honestly loaded with elements building, updating etc. But as jQuery does not have this functionality, tests for it just feed the results with strings of already created html. Kinda cheating, you know.

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