Thursday, September 9, 2010

RightJS 2 jQuerysh Plugin

Hey folks. I had couple of minutes of free time and cooked a fancy plugin for RightJS 2.

It's called 'jQuerysh' and provides the jquery-like behavior for the $() function. You can copypast or build it from over here jquerysh on github

Basically it does three things with the $() function. You can navigate in jquery-style

$('#element-id').onClick('addClass', 'marked');

$('div.class').each('addClass', 'marked');

And you can call the onReady via it, same way as in jQuery

$(function() {
// will be executed when on ready

This is pretty much it, might be useful for people who need to work with both jQuery and RightJS.

And yes, it works with RightJS 2 only. Not like I want to make you switch to RJS2 (which I actually want), RJS1 is simply not built for that.


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