Thursday, September 9, 2010

RightJS 1 Chrome Issues

As much as I like to think about webkit as the world's savior, it constantly produces all sorts of weird stuff in Google Chrome, the last update of which had killed some important feature in RightJS 1 (do those folks even think before they make such changes? because I guess it won't be a problem of RightJS only)

In any case, the shorts and longs of the story is that they screwed the Element#hidden() method, which broke down several UI units, Autocompleter, Calendar, Lightbox, Selectable and Tooltips.

I've published a package for you over here RightJS 1 UI Fixes. It has patched builds of all those widgets, plus a fresh RightJS 1 build with backports from RightJS 2.

If this core-build will cause you troubles, you can patch your own by a simple line of code like that

visible: function() {
return this.getStyle('display') !== 'none';

And don't use the Element#hidden() method in your code, use Element#visible() instead.

Also think about moving to RightJS2, it works with wrappers and therefore doesn't have such issues by design.

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