Friday, August 27, 2010

RightJS 2 Release Plan Updates

My dear fellas, this lovely Friday's evening I'd like to share with you some updates on the RightJS 2.0 release plan. And yes, by "updates" I mean delays.

No need for dirty swears, because there are two good reasons for that. 1) Rails 3 which should come out any moment now, and 2) upcoming IE 9 beta which is scheduled to September 15th. And as we all know well those funny MS folks, I think you'll agree that it's better to wait couple of weeks rather than pull your hair off later.

And it's not all that bad, there are good news too. I'm almost finished porting the UI modules to RJS 2, which means there well be the RC2 release in about couple of days I think. RC2 will include the core with all the latest updates and all the plugins and widgets ported to the new system. Generally this will be the final version and unless someone find a bug it will go to the actual release as is.

You'll have couple of weeks to play with it until the IE 9 release, and I'll have couple of weeks to brush up the docs, update and rework right-rails. Thinks that should give as a good runaway for a nice and smooth release.

This is about it. Take care!

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