Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Circus of Web Development

You might think of the web-development area (or sphere if you will) as some sort of a circus. For example.

Say there is an elephants show of Java developers, they big, slow, but precise. Then there is a exotic pet show of Python developers. Fearless camel riders with the perl guys. JavaScript people will be magicians, weird fellas who make things appear and disappear by some flimsy tricks.

Then there are a bunch of trained monkeys of Ruby kids (yes my agile friends we are :)). ASP.NET folks will be gipsy fortune-tellers, barely connected with the reality and no-one listen to them. And there are bears on monocycles in silly turkish hats, those are the PHP people (you are comrades, you are).

Clowns! Those will be the web-architects. Just like the real clowns, they barely can do a thing properly, and yet, they think they own the circus.

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