Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RightJS UI 2 The Battle Plan

Hello people. As I'm currently elbow deep in porting rightjs-ui modules to RightJS 2, I'd like to share some ideas and thoughts behind the changes so you knew what to expect.

RightJS 2 With New UI System

First of all the RightJS 2 release will be not just the core release, there are lots of cool new features and some dramatic changes, so I'm porting all the plugins and ui widgets to the new development approach, and with the RightJS 2 release I'll release updates for all the plugins as well.

This way we will have some sort of a clean slate, and you'll be able to start with all new tools right away.

Widgets === Elements

One of the biggest change in RightJS 2 is those really cool object-oriented dom-wrappers feature, and in the RightJS UI 2 we will take full advantage of it. If in the current system all the widgets are classes with some limited interface, in RightJS UI 2, all the widgets will be inherited from the dom-wrappers, so you will be able to manipulate with them as if they were normal elements.

// say you have a calendar unit
var calendar = new Calendar({
// some options

// now you can do anything you want as if it was a normal Element
calendar.insertTo('my-element', 'top');
calendar.set('id', 'my-calendar-id');
calendar.onChange(function() {
// do something about it

// you also will be able to access it through the standard navigation methods
$('my-calendar-id'); // -> the 'calendar'
$('my-element').first('div.my-calendar'); // -> the same calendar

// it will be also follow the general inheritance structure
calendar instanceof Calendar; // -> true
calendar instanceof Element; // -> true

You've got the picture, everything you can do with any element on the page you will be able to do with the widgets and do that directly.

Unified Initialization

RightJS UI were growing a bit chaotically during the last year and we have some diverse ways to initialize units. With the new release all of them will work via the same initialization process with the same principles. The rel hacks are gone, instead of that we will use the HTML5 data-widget-name attributes.

<input data-autocompleter="{url: '/some.url'}" />

<input data-calendar="{format: 'US', hideOnClick: true}" />

Meta-framework and Modularity

In current incarnation all the RightJS UI widgets are pretty much independent, which means that we have some duplications here and there, same things work slightly different, not really clean styles and so one.

It's time to refactor the mess, with RightJS UI 2 there will be a meta framework which will provide common bits of elements and styles, like say buttons, panels, spinners, various common functionality and so one. This way we will have a consistent elements behavior over the widgets, plus it will be easier to create new widgets with the common blocks of code already existing.

Unified Stylesheets

The stylesheets also will be cleaned up and unified. There will be common classes for buttons, panels, spinners and so one. One of the reasons is that now we will be able to create skins in a civilized way.

There will be no actual skins with the release, we simply do the preparation work, but the skins constructor is one of the first things to do right after the release.


As you can see with RightJS 2 release we will bring to the next level not just the core, but the ui modules as well.

I've already ported the Autocompleter and Calendar widgets, you can check it out at the 2.0.0 branch on github. I estimate it will take about a week to port the rest of them to RightJS 2.

After that there will be RC2 release where I'll publish RightJS core and all the modules for tests. And in about a week after that (by the end of August) we shall release.

This is about it.

And btw, if you have thoughts about new features for some of the existing rightjs-ui widgets, that's a really good moment to let me know.

Now that's it.
Take care!

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